Kratom Extract Dosage Guide

Kratom Extract Dosage Guide


The recommended Kratom extract dosage guide for beginners is 1 gram. If you tend to be sensitive to new things, start with even lower doses, such as 0.5 grams. Kratom has a slow onset, so be sure to wait at least 45 minutes to get an idea of the effect before you take more. If necessary, add 0.5 g and then wait for another 45 minutes before you feel the effects. Then you can repeat the procedure until the desired effect occurs. If you are not happy with the results after two or three repeated doses, try again the next day and start with three grams.

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Remember, start slowly, slowly and listen to your body! You can always add, but you can not go back and take less. Too much Kratom is not a good thing and will result in nausea and head spin. For the best results with less side effects, purchase your kratom from Coastline Kratom only.

Even if you think you are strong and just do not move with you, do not over-estimate and start slowly with 1 gram. The boundary between a pleasant experience and one that can cause your stomach to vigorously protest is thin and you definitely do not want to experience it.

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Finding your “Optimal Batch”

You started with 1 gram of the initial dose and added 0.5 grams in repeated doses. For the next dose, start at a slightly lower dose than the sum of the initial dose and repeated doses. In this way, you will gradually find your “sweet spot”, the optimal dose for best results. This dose is different for every person and every kind of kratom.

If you get around 8 grams and still do not feel anything, then it probably is not the right kind for you or it was not the right time for you. Many people say that in a species that did not work on their first use, they felt great effects sometimes elsewhere and somewhere else.

Less is more

In the shy community, it says ” less is more ” and sometimes even ” even less is even more “.

Even the effects of the fracture have their own ceiling and it is a mistake to believe that increasing the dose will automatically ensure more of the same effect. Unreasonably elevated doses will have reversible effects and are likely to only increase tolerance to shortness. The desired positive effects will be easier to achieve with smaller doses.

Onset and duration of effect

You can feel the effects of bruising after 20 but also after 60 minutes and can last from 3 to 6 hours, depending on the type of shortness and your current physical and mental state. In the case of capsule fracture, the onset of action and duration may be longer.

Dear Dose – Weight and Teaspoon

For accurate dosing, we definitely recommend weighing. Appropriate scales are cheap and commonly available (Amazon from $ 10). If you do not have the weight, you can use a measuring teaspoon to collect about 2.5 grams. Use a special spoonful instead of a random spoon from the kitchen socket.

Nausea and dizziness

Dizziness is a phenomenon that can occur if you take too much bruise. Too much dose can also lead to nausea.

If you have taken too much bite, have some light meal (preferably some carbs, nothing fatty) and if possible, lie down. Nausea can help ginger. If the reaction is really strong, it may be that you have to vomit, but then you will feel much better immediately. Next time, take a small amount.

Your stomach will be your best advisor, either thank you or punish you, so really consider the amount you want to take!

Other Kratom Side Effects

The most common side effects associated with the use of shortness of action include nausea, headache and constipation. The most common cause of nausea and headache is too much and/or insufficient water intake.

The vast majority of negative side effects are, in fact, the result of dehydration and can be solved by the intake of more water. It is very important to still be sufficiently hydrated. The recommended daily intake of water is 8 x 0.25l (2l) a day.

Magnesium (citrate) may help if constipation occurs. Other known side effects include itching and hiccups.


Tolerance (tolerance) is a condition that requires ever higher and higher doses to maintain the effect. There is a reduction or loss of response to a given stimulus when sustained or repeatedly.

It is easier to prevent tolerance than wait until it occurs and then begins to solve it.

Tips to avoid building a tolerance to the shorter: use the absolute minimum necessary for the desired effect. Accept the fact that sometimes you will not get the desired effect and do away with the urge to increase your dose. If you find that your normal dose is not working properly, take a break. If possible, do not take a shit a day, take a break from time to time and do not use only one kind of short-term. Avoid extracts and tinctures.

Extracts, tinctures, resins, and improved blends are concentrated and will quickly increase your tolerance to the short. Some of their effects differ from those with ordinary foliage. It is important that you are really sure that you know your optimal doses for different types of regular brute if you decide to try extracts.


As with any other substance, repeated and long term fracture may cause addiction and unpleasant conditions after you stop using it. Gradual dose reduction, rather than the sudden ending of consumption, can help mitigate some of these phenomena. Be honest with each other when it comes to using frail. Only you can know what is right for you. Kratom is a tool, but it’s just one of the tools. Also, work on other ways to solve problems that you are trying to solve with the use you need.

Withdrawal symptoms in discontinuation of each person can vary fundamentally. Many reports increased anxiety, irritability, depression, and body aches.