Kratom Types

Kratom Types

Kratom Types

Green kratom is more stimulating than red, its effects are longer, it brings clarity to the mind and more stamina – that’s why it is popular among athletes and people performing physically demanding work. Some users claim to help them deal with anxiety and depression. White gives energy to the short, raising the mood – it is the most stimulating. After using most of the kind, you will experience light euphoria.

Advice for Beginners Taking Kratom

However, this division is not an absolute rule, and each user can see the effects differently. The best advice for beginners is to try all three basic types to find out what you like, what helps you with your problems – just what works best for you.

Yellow, gold, benthanges and mixtures

Yellow, gold is not the color of the vein, but rather it is the name of the drying technique. The various effects of kratom varies greatly, for example, yellow is somewhere between white and green. Gold is between green and red

Bentuangia is referred to as a short-term fermentation process. Like yellow, the benthangia is made from red, white or green. Bethania is characterized by a darker shade, pronounced flavor, and stronger effects.

Do It Yourself Kratom Blend

You can easily make your own blend. Some people feel the white, too stimulating, so they mix the white and red short, creating a mixture that has a weaker stimulating potential than a pure white but at the same time it effectively suppresses the pain. It is also possible to mix the shorts of the same “colors”, such as red Bali and red Thailand, to highlight the best qualities of each one.

Characteristics by area

The name for the “color” label refers to the country or region where it grew up, eg red Thailand.

The most common names are Bali, Malaysia, India, Thailand, Sumatra, Sunda, Vietnam, Hulu Kappus, Kali, Borneo, Papua, Riau, Cambodia. Karen Maeng Da can also easily be identified by leaves that have a darker green color than non-cultivated varieties, and then, after crushing, we get even darker green powder.

A description of the characteristics of some popular shorts by region

Green Bali

The effects of the Bali shorts are both relaxing and stimulating, stimulating. A higher dose of Bali shortening is rather relaxing, while a lower dose rather invigorating effects. Early users take 5-6 hours for short-term, about 3 hours long.

Red Bali

Red Bali is an excellent kratom type for pain relief and many users back up this claim. It’s said to be one of the safer methods due to its sedative effects.