White Borneo Kratom Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

White Borneo Kratom Benefits, Dosage and Side Effects

Borneo Kratom

White Borneo Kratom is popular among kratom fans and used to improve attention and efficiency.  In recent years this industry has seen an increase in people using this particular supplement. It is mostly used to maintain a healthy well being.

Kratom or mitragyna speciosa is related to the coffee plant, and native to South East Asia. For centuries it has been used in these areas to cure various ailments such as boosting energy and helping with relaxation. In this article we look at white Borneo kratom and the advantages to using it.

What is white Borneo Kratom used for?

White Borneo kratom is used for relaxation and helps with concentration without causing drowsiness. It can be used as a mild pain killer and a mood enhancer. You can take this strain at anytime of the day. This strain of kratom is related to the Green and Red Borneo kratom. However it isn’t as popular as these types, but still has plenty of remarkable qualities. White Borneo is used as a health supplement to give energy.  Different kratom strains give different results, so always research first, to ensure you get the results you want.

White Borneo Kratom dosage explained

The best advice is to start with a small dose. Reputable Kratom companies will recommend a dosage to suit each individual on request. This is because the health and weight of each person varies which can be a significant factor in the results.

How much white Borneo kratom should I take?

Many users suggest beginning with 3-6 g per day; this can give a coffee type boost effect. Its good to note down the you experiences, and change the dosage to suit how you feel. Increasing to 6-9 g per day will give a more relaxed feeling. If you thinking of taking a larger dose for pain relief, don’t bother. This strain will not lead to pain relief like in other kratom strains. White Borneo is not known for relieving pain. The powder is easy to use and best mixed with a drink such as juice or tea, to tone down the taste. Most companies sell capsules. These can come in varying strengths and are for a more convenient method to take.

White vein Borneo kratom effects

All kratom strains bring changeable effects with different dosages. In the world of kratom this is known as dosage sensitive. This means the right does is important. How much does depend on each persons, age; health and weight. These are all contributing factors to the outcome. There hasn’t been a huge amount of research done on kratom, but you can find out helpful information from here: https://www.drugabuse.gov/publications/drugfacts/kratom

The main advantages and disadvantages

  • Better Concentration
  • Endurance
  • Motivation

The main negative side effect from taking white Borneo kratom is nervousness and sleep problems. This can be a similar feeling to drinking too much coffee. If you are new to kratom, remember it is a potent herbal plant. Make sure you do your research and read all instructions carefully before using.

White Borneo kratom reviews

There are many people happy with the range of results from using white Borneo kratom. Here are some responses from our readers:

Helen – “I found my concentration at work was much better when I used white Borneo kratom. Definitely worth testing it if you feel work is too much!!”

Jim – “The best strain I have used in the kratom products. I felt invigorated and focused from using 4 grams of white Borneo kratom powder.”

Lee – “I use 3g of white Borneo regularly and it makes me more productive as a freelance writer. Too much can make me too relaxed, but at least I get a good night’s sleep”

Where to buy kratom

White Borneo Kratom is readily available from online suppliers. Check out reviews on companies to make certain they are selling high quality kratom products. You only want the best! It is good if they offer a fast and effective service, including affordable prices and fast shipping. Another advantage is contact for independent advice via phone, online chat or email.

We hope you find good results from where to buy white Borneo kratom!